Get to know me + welcome!


Hi and welcome to my new blog!

I am new to blogging but it is something I have been pushing myself to do for a while now. I honestly never thought that anyone would be interested in my life but I’m hoping that some of you will be entertained by my posts and will follow me on this new adventure! I plan on sharing lots of content on here; from travel, to food, to fashion, to every day life (Plus, if anyone has suggestions of what kind of content they would like to see from me – let me know!) I thought I could start off by sharing a little bit about myself and hopefully you can get to know me better.

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  1. I was born in Labrador, Canada (yup, Newfie at heart)
  2. I was raised on the East coast of Canada on a little island called Cape Breton
  3. I moved to Montreal at the age of 18 to study sociology at Concordia University (and I have lived here for 2 years but might not be here much longer…)
  4. I am a dog person (and sadly allergic to cats…)
  5. My birthday is June 25 (I am a cancer and I definitely live up to this status lol)
  6. I have one sibling who is also my best friend (shout out to you, Margaret)
  7. I love literally all foods and I will try any kind of food, but my favourite thing to eat is definitely sushi.
  8. I love to travel, see new places, and learn through experiencing new cultures
  9. My favourite colours are black…grey…white… lol but if I had to choose a REAL colour I would pick burgundy
  10. I played the piano for 13 years and I am classically trained (which just means I barely know any cool/recent pop music that everyone else plays😂)


So on that note, I will conclude my first post! If you read through to this point I really appreciate it and I hope you will read my posts in the future. I promise that I will try to post as frequently as possible and I am taking content suggestions starting now!


zoë r.



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