Hiking in Stoos: Scenic Ridge Line Hike

The famous ridge-line hike from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock was one of my favourite Swiss adventures so far. The hike is so scenic and will take your breath away! On your way up into the mountains, you will ride the famous Stoosbahn which is the steepest funicular train in the world! This hike is definitely worth the trip to canton Schwyz and I will give you some more information in the following post so you can check it out for yourself.


Getting to Stoos was really easy as we went by car. We paid 10 francs for the day to park, but there is a cheaper parking option if you park in the parking garage right outside the info centre. You can also travel easily by train and bus so check out the SBB timetables to learn more about that. Once we arrived at the information centre, we checked out the map and bought our tickets for the day. We bought the day pass that gave us access to riding the Stoosbahn and the chairlifts that brought us up and down from the mountain peaks. The day pass costs around 40 francs, and if you have a half fare card, you get a discount!

Directly from the information centre, we boarded the Stoosbahn! The steepest funicular in the world. It was about a 5 minute ride until we reached the village.

Stoosbahn image via My Modern Met

Once we got off the funicular train, we walked a short distance to our next mode of transportation, the chairlift! We took the chairlift up to the Klingenstock peak. The ride was about 10-15 minutes long. The chairlift operates only in good weather conditions, otherwise you have to hike up! I am not sure about the hike, but from what I could see it was pretty steep.

The chairlift to Klingenstock peak

From there, the ridge line hiked started! The views kept getting better and better with every step.

This is how the path looked for most of the hike. At times, it was rockier and steeper so we always had to watch our footing!

It took us about an hour and 20 minutes to reach the Fronalpstock peak, but I must say we did stop for a lot of photos and a couple of breaks. At the end, when we were getting closer to the Fronalpstock chairlift that took us back down to the village, the path got quite steep and we had to stop a lot. Mostly because it was so hot and I was so out of breath from going uphill 😅. But overall, the hike was not difficult and you can take it slow and go at your own pace. There were people of all ages doing the hike!

Here you can see the rockier and steeper points of the ridge line

Once we got to Fronalpstock, we headed towards the chairlift that would take us back down. We passed over cows and goats as we declined into the village below. There was a cafe/restaurant at the Fronalpstock peak, but because it was suuuuper busy, we decided to go somewhere else once we got back down. I was sad to miss out on my traditional mountain peak espresso, but it was just too crowded to even sit down and relax.

On our way down from Fronalpstock

We arrived back into the village where we took the Stoosbahn back down to the parking and that was the end of our adventure in Stoos! This hike is a must-see if you are looking for beautiful views. You can also just do a quick ride up on the chairlift and back down if you don’t want to do the full hike, but want to take in the beautiful mountain top scenery.

Here you can see all of the transportation points I mentioned as well as the hike from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock

Thank you for reading and for following along on my Swiss adventure!




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