Sledding on Uetliberg – Zürich Winter activites

Last week the city was completely covered in white after it snowed for almost 3 days straight! We decided to take advantage of the weather and check out the sledding path on Uetliberg, located just outside the city.

Zürich in the snow!

When we started out on our adventure, we planned on taking the train to the final station of the SZU train line which would bring us right to the start of the sledding trail… however, because of the snowy conditions of the last few days, the train was not able to go all the way to the terminal station. So instead, we walked through the snow covered forest from Ringlikon to reach the start of the sled trail. Since last week, the train seems to be running on schedule again so you can check out the timetable here to plan your journey.

We had to walk up to the start of the trail because the train wasn’t running due to the amount of snow!

Once we reached the start of the trail, we got some food and drinks from the small Gmüetliberg restaurant stand. Restaurants are to remain closed until the end of February (at least) in Zürich, but takeaway is still an option in many places. After our snack, we started making our way down the 3.1km trail with the sleds.

Enjoying a Glühwein before starting our descent.

Small side note: we had our own sleds (borrowed from our lovely friends) so we did not have to worry about rentals. I did see a rental stand at the Uetliberg station, but it seemed to be closed. This may be due to the current Covid restrictions. However, some sport stores in the city will rent out sleds for a pretty decent price.

Typical sleds you often will see during Swiss wintertime.

Our journey down the slope was not easy to say the least. The trail was not groomed very well, I guess due to the amount of snow, and there were a lot of people on the path. But it was a real adventure and I would definitely go again! It is a fun and “corona-safe” way to spend your time if you are looking for something to do while restaurants & shops are closed. Here you can find the official information if you are looking to plan your trip.

Only struggling a bit! 😂
Enjoying the snow

Thanks for reading, I hope you feel inspired to try a fun winter activity in the snow!




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