Grindelwald Glacier Canyon

The beautiful mountain town of Grindelwald is located in the Bernese highlands. It is a very popular tourist destination for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Visiting the glacier canyon is just one of many activities to do in the area and a really cool place to stop by on your trip to Grindelwald! The canyon used to be full of glacial ice from the lower glacier. Sadly the glacier doesn’t exist anymore, but you can now walk through the gorge where the ice carved out the rock walls over time. In this post I will tell you a bit about it and how you can see it for yourself 😊

Entrance to the canyon and guesthouse.

We decided to go by car from Zürich. It takes around 2-2.5 hours by car. When you arrive at the glacier canyon, you will see a big parking lot right next to the guesthouse where you can park for free. If you’d rather go by train, you would get off the train at Grindelwald station then take the 122 bus all the way to the last stop. It will drop you directly at the glacier guesthouse.

The entrance fee is 19 CHF for adults and 10 CHF for children. There is a public WC that is available to use before starting the trail. Once you enter, you will start out by walking through a damp and dark tunnel that brings you through to the canyon. I would recommend wearing waterproof shoes and jacket. Even if the weather is warm and sunny, the canyon is very chilly and damp. The trail is not demanding but could be slippery when wet so appropriate footwear is a must. The trail is about 1 km long, so it doesn’t take very long to complete it, but you can stop at a few interactive points along the way such as drinking “Eigerwasser” or climbing onto the giant “Spider net” that hangs over the rushing Lütschine river.

Walking through the gorge
Stop to drink fresh water from Eiger
Here you can see the net hung over the river. You can climb onto it and enjoy a different perspective of the canyon.
Standing on the spider web net over the Lütschine river.

Because this attraction is a shorter activity, I would recommend combining it with a day trip to Grindelwald, maybe to do a hike, have a picnic in the village, or just to find somewhere to sit and enjoy the beautiful mountain views.

Grindelwald has a lot to offer, including stunning views of the towering Bernese Alps. This photo was actually snapped just outside of a public restroom in the village 😂

If you are looking for a bigger adrenaline rush, you can try the canyon swing. And yes, that is exactly what it sounds like…. you can jump from a platform that sits 90 meters above the canyon and free fall while being attached to a rope that swings you at 120 km/h through the canyon walls. 😬 It was a ‘no’ for me…. but maybe someone else would like to give it a try? 😄

Another suggestion of an activity you could combine in your day trip to Grindelwald: The cliff walk at First. You can easily get here by taking the cable car up from Grindelwald, the cliff walk is free and definitely something I would recommend! This photo was taken last year when I visited Grindelwald for the first time.
Beautiful mountain views from the village

If you want some more information, check out the official site here.

For more ideas on what to do in Grindelwald, check out their official page here.


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